What Is The Big Deal With Instagram

By | September 3, 2018

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More than anything, social media is used by many to connect with others.

An exchange of ideas happens in mere seconds or even less. You upload a photo or video in the hope that someone will respond to it positively. But social media is never without arguments, debates, and disagreements. Anyone who has used any kind of social platform will understand.

The young generation known as millennials or generation y and even younger ones in generation z use social media as part of their daily routine. Instagram, in particular, is highly favored for its ability to capture one’s attention.

Compared to other channels, the air around Instagram necessitates you to post a photo or video that is a refined version of the original. Make it better to some extent. Hence the term “Instagram worthy“. Filters are encouraged and apps are also available to help you achieve that impression through a square photo. But there is more to this social app than meets the eye.

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Making friends is easy. Although technically you have to “follow” each other in order to be friends, being connected to someone has come a long way since penned letters and postcards. There might be some trouble with the finding part because almost everyone changes their names, but ultimately, having someone to share your stories is comforting.

They may or may not know your presence at the moment unless you post something or send them a direct message. Or they might not respond to your posts according to what you are expecting, but it still goes to show that you are there.

Finding inspiration has also become easier.

Celebrities, personalities, influencers, and others are now, more than ever, accessible. Not that you can access their lives anytime on any day, but close enough. Not unless they chose to, that is. Unlike before, following a celebrity or a personality means you have to watch TV, surf the internet, or read magazines. Not now you won’t.

Some if not most famous personalities and even the low-key ones have their own Instagram account. They are well celebrated not just for their endowment but also for what they stand and believe in. People love their work and if they are relatable, then chances are not only will the support overflow but also the help to preach the integrity that these personalities stand up for. It’s always good to look up to some who is reachable and friendly.

You become a part of something bigger. Using the app will allow you to meet a community. Any kind of group that has the same ideas, views, or beliefs that you do. It may be intentional or not but you create this bond with others that is unlike the typical !I’ll follow you if you follow me” relationship.

You feel you are a part of someone’s life. Getting a glimpse of someone else’s life feels like they are sharing a part of their life with you. And to be able to see and witness that is satisfying in a way even if you have followed them and they don’t return the act.

While Instagram and all other social media app are helpful and useful for others, some consider it inconvenient. The positive things they give off will always be thwarted with the negative ones. But whatever the reasons are for using these apps, one should always be reminded of the effects a single post can incur.

Some may agree with it, others may shade it, some others may not have a single care. But always know as well that a dislike button is absent. Although you will not be spared from the comments section, but one can always post harmoniously. And so can others.