LindsayA rare prodigy, Lindsay Lohan had been making waves before most people even started going to school. A child model at the tender age of 3 (how many toddlers get to star in a Ford commercial?), Lindsay was an instant hit in front of the camera and her journey to stardom had begun with a few definitive baby steps. Many TV commercials followed, but her big moment came when the talented young actress starred in lindsay lohan posters blue dressDisney's 'The Parent Trap' (1998), playing the twin sisters Annie James and Hallie Parker. Since then her popularity has soared, and so are the sales of Lindsay Lohan posters. Being one of the most searched celebrities online, Lindsay Lohan posters are amongst the hottest selling commodities and to top it all off, fan sites have sprung up like brush fire.

Lindsay Lohan's music and movie carriers

In 2001, Lindsay took a brief hiatus from acting to concentrate on her launching her music career. She had to lose some weight for that and in order to get slimmer she used some green coffee bean extract. According to her this is the best natural product she found to get leaner and slimmer and no time. When you sing on stage, you certainly do not want to show too much belly fat, and this worked very well for her. She signed a lucrative deal with Estefan Enterprises and in December 2004, after working in high-profile movies such Disney's remake of Freaky Friday (a movie that underlined her acting credentials) and Mean Girls, young actress launched her first album, Ultimate, which was a huge success with Lindsay Lohan posters going up everywhere, along with bootlegged copies of the hit single, 'Over'. Most of 2005 has kept Lindsay busy with both controversy and fame as she has won several awards, signed movie deals and has had to deal with the very public fallout of her parents.

The recent family troubles of Lindsay Lohan have hit the headlines, with Michael and Dina Lohan, her parents, going through a troublesome divorce. This stems from Michael's drug and alcohol problems, and Lindsay, along with her three siblings, has had a hard time dealing with the very public unraveling of her parents' marriage. Although Michael Lohan has spent time in rehab, violations such as drunk driving, and rumors of threats to Dina and the four children have made matters much worse, leading to Dina filing for divorce. With media attention firmly focused on each and every move of the family, it's a wonder how someone so young can be expected to stay grounded and sane through such events. As it is, Lindsay Lohan's young age belies her wisdom and with her mother's guidance she has blossomed into a responsible (albeit party-happy) and talented celebrity.

Perhaps the best marker of young star's popularity is not her fans or the fantastic Lindsay Lohan posters, but the uninvited controversies popping up recently. Reminiscent of another teenage sensation, she has been recently linked with Hollywood superstars - people old enough to be her father. Ridiculous as such rumors sound, they are an unfortunate side-effect of being famous, and it remains to be seen if such pressures will have the same effect on Lohan as they eventually did on the 90's teenage sensation, Britney Spears.

Lindsay Lohan being a role model for young teens

LindsayNicknamed triple-threat, the young star has not only established herself as a successful young actress but also as a talented singer. But behind the flashing good looks and dazzling smile that has been immortalized in Lindsay Lohan posters across the industry is an honest, intelligent teenager who is trying to live her life as well as keep up with the demands of stardom. Therefore her personal habits are sometimes a surprise to herbie fully loaded lindsay lohan postersparents whose children look up to her as a role model. Her partying and hanging out with slightly more 'notorious' celebrities such as Paris Hilton are common news, but when young girl talked frankly about having tried pot in the April issue of W, it brought home the point that this was just another young kid looking to live her life. In Lindsay's case however, the media attention has allowed her fans and critics both to judge her. With her father's drug problems and her first-hand experience in having seen how substance abuse can tear apart families, this is one celebrity who knows what can hurt her, and from her candid interview (and her well-managed career), it seems certain that she knows when to stop.

Young actress has already won several awards, but most importantly, has become recognized as one of the most popular celebrities in the entertainment industry today. From being ranked #10 in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women in the World (2005) to being the first TRL host to win an award, her credits run a long line. This popularity was recently enshrined in a proposal by Mattel to release a Barbie doll modeled after Lindsay Lohan in an attempt to cash in on the massive appeal she has with the younger generation. The teenage star has appeared in countless TV commercials and teen comedies, and with Lindsay Lohan posters always being out of stock, this is one celebrity that is clearly in demand.

Lindsay Lohan and the media spotlight on her personal life

At the tender age of 18 she has had to face the harsh spotlight of media attention. As a result, her personal and family life has been often used for headlines and gossip. All this makes for a stressful experience, but among all the drama going around her within the family and with the rumor mill working overtime, Lindsay and her mom Dina (who also manages her daughter) have managed to keep a cool head and kept their focus on what's important- young girl's career.

LindsayIndeed, with every week bringing a new mini-crisis, dealing with the media attention has become as much a part of Lindsay's daily life as is acting, singing, and shopping (her favorite hobby). In February 2005 alone, lindsay lohan posters mean girlsher estranged father was arrested for drunk driving, her phone number and email address was published to the whole world courtesy of a hacker getting hold of Paris Hilton's cell phone address book, her parents filed for divorce and her past relationships with Aaron Carter and Wilmer Valderrama were the subject of fan gossip. Not too bad for an 18 year old, is it?

However, matching these crisis blow for blow are the waves she is making for all the right reasons. Her single 'Over' was a mega-hit with TRL, she has enough movie contracts to keep her busy for the next two years and she is the young actress of choice for many Hollywood producers. And not surprisingly, with her music career off to a great start, and thousands of Lindsay Lohan posters being sold every day, young girl can afford to bask in the glow of success, knowing that despite her family troubles, she has done what many people fail to do- made her dreams come true.

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